An AGA patient has this advice:

On Thanksgiving night, I learned that my big brother, Mark has colon cancer. He has known since October 9th. He had a lump on his neck, but had no other symptoms.

Mark never had a colonoscopy. Colon cancer does not run in our family. I admit that I waited till a little after 50 to have one. Having driven others to their colonoscopy appointments, I remembered the poster in the doctor’s office that said, "If you’re 50 and feel fine, then you’re a candidate for colon cancer."

I was afraid of the test (which was nothing at all), but I eventually got one because the words on the poster always stuck with me.

Despite the toxicity of the treatment, his tumor shrunk and his blood tests came out great. We are heartened by the fact that he is getting excellent care from his patient advocate and his doctors in Los Angeles.

Is there anything you can do? Yes! If you are 50, please get a colonoscopy. You may just spare your loved ones and yourself the devastation that is now our life.

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